Andy Summers Tribute Telecaster

My review of the Andy Summers Tribute Telecaster. I acquired the Telecaster a few months back and have really got to spend a lot of time with it, in essence to wait until the “honeymoon” period was over to make an objective an honest review of the piece.

Background: As you probably already know, the Fender Custom Shop made only 250 of these guitars a couple of years ago to coincide with The Police’s reunion and subsequent world tour. They are all “Masterbuilt” by a builder – Mine was crafted by Yuri Shishkov. Retail on these were a little steep at over 10k, street price at Guitar Center 8k. The tribute series guitars have quite a bit of work in them, and are not cheap as you see.
The guitar comes with a gigantic anvil case with stencils of “Andy Summers” written all over, also comes with Andy’s book (autographed) a box set of The Police’s complete anthology, and a DVD with the history of the Guitar from the man himself.


The original guitar was a 61’ Telecaster Custom, and was heavily modified when it was purchased by Andy from a guitar student in Los Angeles.
Review: So here goes…Immediately when you look at the guitar it has the look and patina of a vintage guitar. The relic work is pretty heavy but I think they got the color just right. The body is a very resonant Alder with a light to medium light weight.

The neck shape is unlike any I’ve ever felt, especially from the custom shop. It is very reminiscent of a mid 60’s Gibson neck, fairly thin near the nut tapering up to a very chunky “C” shape near the 12th fret.


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