Andy Summers Telecaster Neck

You are looking at a really exciting piece! This is the exceptionally limited edition Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Andy Summers Telecaster! Fender’s very own Dennis Galuszka spent a year developing the prototype recreating every scratch, nick, wear mark…even the crack in the brass bridgeplate! It’s crazy how close they came- it looks exactly like the original! But, how does it sound? Incredible! Grwoing up listening to The Police, I always wondered ‘how the hell does he get that sound?!?’ now I know. There is the onboard preamp/overdrive, phase switch, neck humbucker- which- when combined- will give you all the tools you need to recreate those classic tones at home! Another important piece of the puzzle is the brass bridgeplate & saddles AND the fact that the Custom Shop ’69 bridge pickup is screwed directly into the wood! And the fact that this beast weighs a mere 7.6 lbs also plays a part- this guitar is insanely resonant! Strum the guitar even unplugged and it is loud! And that’s important! If a guitar is loud unplugged- it is a real sweetheart plugged in! The ’65 C shaped neck is amazingly comfortable- fits right into your hand- getting around is a breeze! This baby is mint- taken out of the box just for photos and a small run through my favorite Police tunes(couldn’t help myself)! This auction includes the Flight case, Biography, Cd’s, Strap, COA…everything! This is a limited run of 250 guitars! Lists for $15 grand!!!! Get the incredible guitar you need- at the price you want! The tribute model is so sweet- Andy used it himself on the last Police tour! Don’t pass this by!

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