Andy Summers Telecaster Diy

Who’s would you have one of? Now I’m talkin about looks here. There are soooo many famous Tele players of whom I’d love to have a recreation of their guitar. I would just love to have a Jimmy Page Dragon. A Roy Buchanan Tele would be killer. I’d love to have a copy as well of Prince’s Hofner (or whatever it is) or even Bruce Springsteen’s.

However, the number one and two Telecasters that I would love to have would have to be the mid 60’s (1964?) Telecasters that Fender gave to Don Rich and Buck Owens. Oh My God man!! I think about those two guitars all of the time. The Gold Sparkle one and the Silver Sparkle on are the one’s I’m talking about. I had dreams about those guitars last night.

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