Andy Summers Telecaster Brass Bridge


This is my own “inspired-by” guitar. It’s a direct replica of the Fender Andy Summers Tribute Tele except this one costs about $9000 less and doesn’t feature a nitro finish. The body of the guitar is a Squier Classic Vibe Custom and the neck is a Fender Nashville. Pickups are a Fender Vintage 62′ Reissue bridge and a Seymour Duncan 59′ SH-1N for the neck. Bridge is a custom machined Armadillo brass Andy Summers-style bridge. Boost/Overdrive unit in the guitar is actually an Eric Clapton circuit board, but wired to be an OD not a mid-boost. PEDALS USED: MXR Dyna Comp, Jacques Meistersinger Chorus, Ibanez TS-9 overdrive, TC Electronics Nova delay *** special thanks to Jim McNealon for all his assistance on the build and Mr. Andy Summers of the Police for his amazing inspiration.

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