Andy Summers Tele

The other cool thing about this Tele is the ability to use the Humbucker and the bridge pickup together, and out of phase. Yet another micro-switch was added to the control plate that throws the middle position out of phase with each other. Gives it a really interesting honking trebly thing going on. It sounds good in this position for choppy chord work, like reggae or old school Motown Funk stuff.

So, with the different pickups, phase and pre-amp – one can get lots of different colors out of this guitar. Other than the pre-amp gain on “10” I really have not found a bad sound on the piece. My only complaint about the guitar is sort of the nature of the beast…the body binding is a hard edge that hurts your right forearm if you rest it there for a long time. That is a problem with a lot of Tele’s like this though, and most players just tough it out or adjust their playing style a little higher to be more comfy. I could do a Jeff Beck and contour the top like a Strat, but not on this guitar.

In summary:

It looks good – nice patina, nice sunburst colors and a REALLY convincing relic job.
It plays good – feels like a vintage, broken in Tele with a more playable bridge.
It sounds good – pickups are great, lots of different sound combinations, built in preamp for overdrive.

I use to lay in bed at age 14 at night with my Sony Walkman – I’ll bet I listen to The Ghost in the Machine album 500 times that year! I really like this guitar, it feels nostalgic, and feels right….so I guess it’s a keeper. I know not everyone likes the Relic thing, and this Tele is far from traditional with its modifications. But I’ve got to tell you it has a mojo unlike any other “new” guitar I’ve ever owned….and I’ve owned some nice guitars. Enjoy ~

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