Andy Summers Tribute Telecaster Guitar

This was a custom order but the buyer backed out before it was done so I finished it up the way I like my Teles (which is a slight departure from the original). I was given the body donor CVC Squire Tele for my trouble.
The main differences are no on board electronics and this one sports a boat neck.
I had a Gibson Patent Number T-top humbucker in my stash of pickups. Turned turned out to be a good one for the neck position. Right on the money at 7.3 K Ohms. Sounds smooth and sweet. The bridge pickup is a Fender Custom Vintage that I got from Jeffery Luck Lucas. Nicely balanced with the neck pickup. I used a 4-way switch adding a two pickups in series option. Allparts fat neck is finished in nitro lacquer. The brass bridge and saddles are pretty close to whats on Andy’s original. Weighs in at 8lbs. It really sounds great but I haven’t been able to compare it to a Fender reissue.
Only thing I’m not sure about is using the vintage Gibson Patent Number pickup on a tribute reproduction. Is this a misappropriation of some vintage mojo? I have heaps more photos if anyone’s interested.