Andy Summers Telecaster Wiring

I just noticed Fender has released/sold-out of the Andy Summers telecaster. I think the guitar is pretty cool, although I don’t think I would pay as much money as it goes for. Plus, I never really looked closely at his modifications to it (the overdrive and preamp units, as well as the phase-shift).

Anyways it got me to think about actually crafting my own “Andy Summers” tribute guitar, except in a more affordable manner. What would be the easiest/best way to do this? Order/buy parts and put them together or buy a cheaper Tele and modify it?

I was thinking about buying a Tele (possibly a 50’s Tele or an American Ash) and modifying it by installing a humbucker in the neck. I would probably pick a guitar with a neck/fretboard similar to Andy’s.