Andy Summers Telecaster Wiring Diagram

I can barely contain my excitement! It was supposed to be delivered by FedEx on Monday, but it came this morning!

As many of you know, I’ve been on a mission since October of last year to get this project finished. It was quite a journey, since I wanted it done exactly like Fender’s version, but without the relicing. Finding some of these parts was quite difficult. No one wanted to fabricate the body since the rear routing work would be extensive, but I was lucky enough to find Guitar Mill and they did all of the work for me in that area.

Musikraft made the neck and it plays like a dream. Anyhow, without further adieu, here are some pics:

I’d like to thank:

– My wife, Kimmy, for understanding my guitar obsession and supporting me through the whole process.

– Michael at Armadillo Guitars for the brass bridge and saddles

– Torsten for providing detailed images of the actual preamp

– Mario, Gavin, and Tim at Guitar Mill for the custom body

– Fender for the wiring diagram

– MJ and Seymour Duncan for the pickups wired to Andy’s specs

– Rob Super at The Guitar & Electronics Repair Center for wiring and assembling this beast together.

– Bill Callaham at Callaham Guitars for the custom neck plate

– Scott at Musikraft Guitars for the custom neck

– Darren Riley for the Eric Clapton preamp

– Paula at RS Guitarworks for the superpots

– Terrapin Guitars for the custom mint green pickguard