Andy Summers Telecaster Neck

You are looking at a really exciting piece! This is the exceptionally limited edition Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Andy Summers Telecaster! Fender’s very own Dennis Galuszka spent a year developing the prototype recreating every scratch, nick, wear mark…even the crack in the brass bridgeplate! It’s crazy how close they came- it looks exactly like the original! But, how does it sound? Incredible! Grwoing up listening to The Police, I always wondered ‘how the hell does he get that sound?!?’ now I know. There is the onboard preamp/overdrive, phase switch, neck humbucker- which- when combined- will give you all the tools you need to recreate those classic tones at home! Another important piece of the puzzle is the brass bridgeplate & saddles AND the fact that the Custom Shop ’69 bridge pickup is screwed directly into the wood! And the fact that this beast weighs a mere 7.6 lbs also plays a part- this guitar is insanely resonant! Strum the guitar even unplugged and it is loud! And that’s important! If a guitar is loud unplugged- it is a real sweetheart plugged in! The ’65 C shaped neck is amazingly comfortable- fits right into your hand- getting around is a breeze! This baby is mint- taken out of the box just for photos and a small run through my favorite Police tunes(couldn’t help myself)! This auction includes the Flight case, Biography, Cd’s, Strap, COA…everything! This is a limited run of 250 guitars! Lists for $15 grand!!!! Get the incredible guitar you need- at the price you want! The tribute model is so sweet- Andy used it himself on the last Police tour! Don’t pass this by!

Andy Summers Telecaster Neck Pickup

The Fender Custom Shop Andy Summers Tribute Telecaster® Guitar

Andy Summers was just out of college in Southern California in the early 1970s when one of his guitar students offered to sell him a beat-up 1961 Fender Telecaster that had obviously been modified by a previous owner.

Summers had already had some modest music business success in the late ’60s Britain. Lately though, he’d stuck mainly to his classical guitar studies, and hadn’t played an electric in quite a while. Strangely, however, something about this particular Telecaster grabbed him. As he put it himself in his 2006 memoir, One Train Later:

“When I start to play it, something stirs within me … it shakes me … I find that I can’t stop playing it; this guitar sparks something in me and I have to have it. ”

Summers bought the guitar for $200, and you and the whole world know the rest. Back in London a few years later, he joined a noisy so-called punk outfit called the Police that rose to become the biggest band in the world, thanks in no small part to the deftly innovative and influential sounds Summers conjured from that beat-up Telecaster.

Hit after hit was recorded and performed on it—”Roxanne,” “So Lonely,” “Walking On the Moon,” the breathtaking “Message In a Bottle,” “Don’t Stand So Close to Me,” “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic,” “Every Breath You Take,” “Wrapped Around Your Finger,” “Synchronicity II” and “King of Pain.”

Now, in 2007, Fender couldn’t be more proud and excited to unveil a very special 250-instrument Limited Edition run of the Fender Custom Shop Andy Summers Tribute Telecaster as part of the Fender Custom Shop’s legendary Tribute Series. It’s a note-perfect replica of the 1961 Tele® that Summers used to help propel the Police to untold heights of worldwide pop superstardom.

The prototype, built by Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Dennis Galuszka over the course of a year, is currently in use with Andy now. The guitar features the same “eccentric” modifications that the original had when Summers first bought it, most of which were unchanged throughout the nonstop work and excitement of the Police years:


  • Ferocious humbucking neck pickup.
  • Bridge pickup mounted in the body rather than in the broken brass (not chrome) bridge plate.
  • Control plate-mounted mini-toggle phase switch.
  • Body-mounted preamp on/off mini-toggle switch (the original preamp “died,” Galuszka said; the Custom Shop has recreated the Police-era preamp).
  • Rear-mounted overdrive unit controlled by a third knob below the two traditional Telecaster volume and tone controls.
  • “Soft” brass bridge pieces.
  • Schaller® tuners.

The alder-body, maple-neck guitar also features an immaculately recreated highly worn finish, with extensive chips, scratches, dings and nicks identical to the original, and, as Galuszka noted with a grin, “Getting lacquer to crack is no small feat.”

Pick it up, and it’ll take you back. The unforgettable slashing staccato opening chords of “Roxanne” (back pickup, no distortion); the off-the-wall solo in “So Lonely” (out-of-phase position, plus overdrive), the space jam of “The Bed’s Too Big Without You” (front pickup plus Echoplex), and so much more.