Andy Summers’ Modified Telecaster

The frets are vintage flatter frets that are easy to play chords on…like any vintage Telecaster, it is not very forgiving when making fret bends or lead work. Every nuance of your playing is picked up through the pickups. Speaking of which…I personally think that this is where this guitar really shines. The bridge pickup reads about 7.2k output, however it is mounted into the body of the guitar, not the bridge. This does change the tone a little of Tele pickups doing this – its an old Tele trick mounting the pickup this way (The only other current Fender that has this feature is the G.E. Smith Tele). The bridge plate is heavy solid brass, with individual heavy brass saddles. There is a crack on the bridge plate just like the original, and you can pluck it with your finger and it goes “boing”. The bridge also changes the color of the tone, you won’t get the typical Tele twang out of this bridge, it has a smoother attack and a little more sustain than the ashtray bridge as well. The bridge does have another very useful feature – it is flat with no “ashtray” side walls that sometime gets in the way on the older Teles. Also there are no sharp saddle height screws to cut in to your muting hand like an original.