Andy Summers Telecaster Buy

It’s been quite a wait, but she’s finally here. I’d like to introduce everybody to “SUMMER”! It required an insane amount of research and detail, but was absolutely worth it for a huge Police fan like myself. This has totally been a labor of love, and I’d like to thank everyone on the forums here for the vital information, esp. Mr. Morrisson for his expertise on this matter. Also, a huge thanks to Jim McNealon for helping with routing, wiring, and stoke! Plus his partner Aaron for the use and skill in the machine shop.

Plain and simple, this is the body of a Squier Classic Vibe Custom, with all the upgrades that Andy’s Tribute Tele has, plus a Nashville Tele Neck. This all rang in at about $1,000, so you could say I saved considerably on that $10,000! No, I am not relic’ing this, but rather putting my own scars on it. Sounds great on non-Police songs as well! Without further adieu, here it is: