Andy Summers Telecaster Price

I would like to especially thank Dr. Buenning Lars at Schaller for his help. He pointed out the location of the tuners in the catalog and, even though I ended up getting a used set elsewhere, he shipped me free of charge (overseas, mind you) a set of Schaller screws to fit my used tuners, when they showed up from Eddie Vegas without enough screws. INCREDIBLY nice.
3) Marc Rutters made the custom control plate with extra hole drilled for the phase shifting switch. Fast, easy service, and a nice quality plate.
4) Terrapin Guitars made the mint green pickguard and the custom rear plate to cover the boost circuit. I traced the shape of the rear plate from a scale size blow-up of Andy’s guitar and sent John the tracing. There was one goof…he made the control plate mint green as well. But he was quick with sending a black one when I pointed out his error. Mistakes happen, and he made it right fast.
5) Axetremecreations made the custom stamped neck plate, with Andy’s actual serial number on it.
6) I chose to get the pickups from Seymour Duncan. I considered having some of the smaller boutique pickup guys make me custom pups based on vintage specs for the Tele bridge pickup and a Gibson PAF. But the more I thought about it, Seymour Duncan did the ones for the Tribute model that Fender made, and adjusted their specs based on Andy’s review. So I don’t think I could have gotten closer to the real deal any other way. Called the Custom Shop at Seymour Duncan, and talked with MJ who wound them to the specs of the Tribute model. They were a little slow getting it done, but that really was no big deal.
7) Armadillo Guitar was the source for the brass bridge plate. Nice hardware, and that is pretty much your main source for one of these, so was a no-brainer. First thing I ordered.
8) The preamp boost is a standard Fender Eric Clapton mid boost. I purchased it on e-Bay. The whole thing was wired according to the available wiring diagram for the Tribute guitar. I considered other options, even writing John Tillman to pick his brain on what kind of custom preamp people might have been installing back then. Ultimately I decided that no one knows. Andy’s boost failed and was removed before Fender made the Tribute model, so no one knows what that circuit was. Their Tribute model has the EC Midboost (with minor tolerance differences on a few components), and I just decided to not over think a problem that cannot be solved.
9) Knobs I bought on e-Bay. Considered trying to get true 60’s knobs, but way too expensive. I agonized over what looked best. Looked at Police live DVD’s I had in slow-mo to see what these things looked like…barrel, domed…I went with vintage Tele barrel knobs, purchased on e-Bay.

Andy Summers Tele Wiring Diagram

Learn step by step how to completely wire a Telecaster and all of the potentiometers, capacitors, switches, ground wires, hot wires, pickups, output jack, and bridge ground. Even if you dont own a Fender, this guide will teach you how to wire a guitar with 1, 2, or 3 pickups. This book will also show you the secret “hot rod” techniques that the pros use like: coil tapping, coil cutting, phase switching, series wiring, parallel wiring, bridge-on switching, toggle switching, mini toggle switching, varitone switching, 4-way switching, 5-way switching, mega switching, super switching, rotary switching, treble boost/solo switching, blend pots, push pull pots, stacked concentric pots, and much more !!!

Andy Summers Telecaster Bridge

Its’ hole spacing is vintage spec, but it’s longer by necessity than a vintage style bridge in order to accomodate that saddle design. The length of the slot in those stock saddles for the strings to pass through isn’t ideally suited to the string hole placement. I substituted the longer 24mm saddles from an MIM Standard. The Gotoh 24mm length saddles would also be a better fit than those stock short saddles.

Andy Summers Tele Wiring

Second in BillyBadAxe’s Classic Electric Guitars 101 series: The Gibson Les Paul is the quintessential heavy rock guitar. We’ve also covered the Fender Telecaster, and the FenderStratocaster. Check it out!

Countless rock songs have made use of its heavy tone and ringing sustain, and its huge sound when combined with a stack of Marshall Amps is an enduring and iconic image of the genre. First introduced in 1952, there have been some changes to its design over the years, mainly in regard to the pick-ups and bridge, as well as numerous variations on the overall theme, but the standard Gibson Les Paul model sold today is still essentially the same as that of five decades ago.

Andy Summers Tribute Tele Wiring

The custom double bound tele is full of tone! It is outfitted with a Joe Barden bridge and Bill Lawrence Keystone pickups. They respond very well to dynamic playing are a bring a very clear tone out of the instrument. Double bound and finished in my Autumn Burst nitro finish, this guitar is ready to paint with music. Check out more photos here

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Andy Summers Telecaster Wiring Diagram

I can barely contain my excitement! It was supposed to be delivered by FedEx on Monday, but it came this morning!

As many of you know, I’ve been on a mission since October of last year to get this project finished. It was quite a journey, since I wanted it done exactly like Fender’s version, but without the relicing. Finding some of these parts was quite difficult. No one wanted to fabricate the body since the rear routing work would be extensive, but I was lucky enough to find Guitar Mill and they did all of the work for me in that area.

Musikraft made the neck and it plays like a dream. Anyhow, without further adieu, here are some pics:

I’d like to thank:

– My wife, Kimmy, for understanding my guitar obsession and supporting me through the whole process.

– Michael at Armadillo Guitars for the brass bridge and saddles

– Torsten for providing detailed images of the actual preamp

– Mario, Gavin, and Tim at Guitar Mill for the custom body

– Fender for the wiring diagram

– MJ and Seymour Duncan for the pickups wired to Andy’s specs

– Rob Super at The Guitar & Electronics Repair Center for wiring and assembling this beast together.

– Bill Callaham at Callaham Guitars for the custom neck plate

– Scott at Musikraft Guitars for the custom neck

– Darren Riley for the Eric Clapton preamp

– Paula at RS Guitarworks for the superpots

– Terrapin Guitars for the custom mint green pickguard

Andy Summer Telecaster

Having watched the Custom Shop vid about this guitar I’m really impressed with the variety of tones that can be found within it.

I particularly liked the out of phase tones with the pre-amp dialled in – almost Peter Green-like in tone.

I would love to find that tone coming out of my tele…..

It is a very versatile guitar – but way to expensive for most of us, I would guess. And then, even if you could afford it, would you ever gi

Andy Summers Tribute Telecaster Wiring

1951 No Caster Relic
1960’s Relic Stratocaster with matching headstock, Fiesta Red, Olympic White
1962 Stratocaster, Green Metallic, Maple Neck, Heavy Relic
1963 Stratocaster, Black over 3 Tone Sunburst Relic
1969 Telecaster Thinline, Sonic Blue Photos: Body#1 Body#2 Back Headstock Headstock Back
Albert Collings Telecaster Photos: Body Headstock
Andy Summers Tribute Telecaster – Fender’s Third Masterbuilt Tribute guitar is a masterpiece. Photos: Body Back Headstock
Billy Z Esquire (#10 of 25) Photos: Body Neck Headstock
Buddy Holly Tribute Stratocaster – only 50 made
Custom Deluxe Stratocaster, Candy Red – Stunning Quilt Maple top
Custom Deluxe Stratocaster, Sunburst
Custom Deluxe Telecaster, Aged White Blonde
Custom Classic Telecaster, Natural Ash, Red Sparkle, Silver Sparkle w/Black Binding
Custom Deluxe Stratocaster, HLE Gold Maple Photos: Body Headstock Headstock Back
Custom Deluxe Telecaster, Dakota Red
David Gilmour NOS
David Gilmour Relic – HOLD
Hybrid Telecaster/Stratocaster, Candy Apple Red – Chris Flemming Masterbuilt Photos: Body Back Headstock Headstock Back
Jeff Beck Tribute Esquire
Malmsteen “Play Loud” Stratocaster
Masterbuilt (Dale Wilson) Mahogany Telecaster w/P-90 and BG1400
Masterbuilt (Paul Waller) Paisley Telecaster
Masterbuilt Proto Stratocaster (1 of 100)
Merle Haggard “Tuff Dog” Telecaster
Relic Stratocaster Set w/Matching Custom Color Amp, Daphne Blue & Burgundy Mist
Rory Gallagher
SRV Lenny (1 of 5 in Canada)
Telecaster Pro – 100 Year old Pine body, Copper finish

Custom Shop – LIMITED RELEASE – only 30 of each globally:
1960’s Relic Stratocater, Fiesta Red. Early 60’s C neck, 6105 frets, 9.5 radius, Custom Shop Fat 50’s pickups
George Fullerton Prototype Stratocaster, light ash body. 10/56 large V neck, 6105 frets, 9.5 radius, hand wound Abigail Ybarra pickups, unique control plate
Heavy Relic Esquire, Desert Sand, light ash body. AA Flame Maple neck, 9.5 radius, 6105 frets, quarter sawn 10/56 large V, BG, 1400 pickup, Eldred Custom wiring, gold hardware
La Cabronita “Boracha” Reverse Jazzmaster, light ash body. Large C neck, 9.5 radius, 6105 frets, TV Jones pickup with grease bucket wiring
La Cabronita Bass, Relic Black

Andy Summers Fender Telecaster

Sua carreira começou nos anos 60 com Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band, que acabou virando a psicodélica Dantalion’s Chariot (que emplacou um clássico psicodélico chamado “Madman Running Through the Fields”). No final dos anos 60 apareceram bandas com tendências jazz-fusion, como Soft Machine e Eric Burdon and the New Animals, justamente na época da primeira viagem de Summers para os EUA. Nos anos 70, Summers fez muitas turnês, shows e concertos com Kevin Coyne, Kevin Ayers, Tim Rose, Neil Sedaka e muitos outros e, enquanto estava morando na Califórnia, concluiu o Bacharelado em Música na Universidade Estadual da Califórnia, em Northridge.

Ao voltar para a Inglaterra, Summers foi convidado em Maio de 1977 por MIke Howlett para formar a banda Strontium 90 junto com um outro amigo de Howlett, um vocalista/baixista chamado “Sting”, que por sua vez trouxe um baterista americano chamado Stewart Copeland. Sting e Copeland, com um outro guitarrista chamado Henry Padovani, haviam lançado um single “Fall Out” em Fevereiro de 1977 como The Police. Após algumas mudanças na formação, um trio com Sting, Copeland e Summers estavam tocando como “The Police” no final daquele mesmo ano.

O resto é história. O “The Police” esteve entre os mais tocados durante toda a década seguinte, emplacando sucesso atrás de sucesso com uma inovadora, rítmica e melódica atmostera que dependia muito do swing e da pegada da Telecaster de Summers – “Roxanne”, “Message In a Bottle”, “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”, “Every Little Thing SHe Does Is Magic” e o sucesso arrebatador de 1983 “Synchronicity”, com “Every Breath You Take”,”Wrapped Around Your Finger”, “Synchronicity II” e “King Of Pain”. Eles se tornaram, nessa época, a maior banda do mundo, comandando a lista de mais tocadas e a programação da recém popular MTV.

Então, sem alardes, o The Police fechou as portas enquanto ainda estava no alto – muito alto. Sem álbum seguinte, nem turnê, eles simplesmente pararam. Afinal, eles estavam vivendo grudados por 7 anos, pelo mundo todo, “entre tapas e beijos”, fazendo sucesso atrás de sucesso e show atrás de show em um trabalho exaustivo que não podia durar para sempre.

Summers continuou com muitos projetos musicais diversos, incluindo trilha sonora (Down and Out in Beverly Hills de 1986 e Weekend at Bernie’s de 1989), televisão (Summers foi diretor musical do The Dennis MIller Show em 1992) e uma série de aclamados trabalhos solo, colaborações e participações especiais com artistas como Robert Fripp, John Etheridge, Victor Biglione e Benjamin Verdery. Summers também participou em vários projetos solo de Sting e Copeland e quando o The Police se reuniu em Março de 2003 tocando 3 músicas durante sua inclusão no Hall da Fama do Rock and Roll.