Fender Andy Summers Telecaster Review

Let me simply call it Tele, for the sake of consistency. To me Tele is a log compared to Strat. In fact, Telecaster is physically heavier and so is the sound, but could be still bright enough thanks to the pair of single-coils, which at first were the only choice and remains one of the possible pickup settings nowadays. Otherwise Telecaster is available with much more pickup configurations, including humbucking pickups. It actually depends on series which pickup setting you will be able to get the guitar with. American Standard series Telecaster, for instance, is available traditionally with two single-coils and additionally even with three of them.

You should know that Telecaster is one of the first solid body electric guitars ever made and the very first electric guitar that has actually gained interest and success in terms of sale. The fact that it is still being serially produced these days (after more than 60 years) with just a little of change tells us much about its popularity, therefore about its quality. Yes, you may link these two things. However, there still has been no explanation given, what’s this all for, how can the guitar of such a simple shape be worthy of all those nice words and facts. Here it goes. Another nice word that describes it even better: universality. With its ability to produce either a warm, mellow, soft or a sharp, bright and cutting tone Telecaster is more than worthy of it, at least as for those few mortals: Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards, Albert Lee, Andy Summers, Albert Collins, James Burton, Frank Black. These are only few guitarists, who played or are still playing strictly Telecaster. Otherwise it’s been played by lots of other guitarists, even by Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townshend.

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