Fender Andy Summers Telecaster Price


The Fender Custom Shop recreated Andy Summers original 1961 Fender Telecaster as part of their tribute series. Andy’s original featured a Gibson PAF humbucker in the neck position. The Fender Custom Shop version features a “Custom Shop 1969 Tele pickup” and a “Fender Humbucker” pick. All other details of the guitar were reproduced in this reissue, included a brass bridge and all of the wear marks on the guitar’s body. Fender also included phase switch for the pickups, allowing the player to put the guitar out of phase. All of these customizations came from Andy’s original.

Andy Summers purchased his original from a student back in the early 1970’s for about $200. The Fender Custom Shop made only 250 of these guitars and they’re priced at about $10,500 new.

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