Fender Andy Summers Telecaster Specs

Does this guitar really need an introduction? Andy has been so closely identified with this Telecaster that entire articles in books have been devoted to it. He recorded mostly all of his studio tracks up to the “Synchronicity” album with it. It has a very interesting background . . . Eric Clapton was, in fact, the previous owner! As Andy explained to Vic Gabriani in the December ’97 issue of Guitar World, “Clapton was a contemporary of mine back in the Sixties, and we’d share guitar information. He was very seriously into the blues, trying to play like B.B. King, and particularly Buddy Guy. He was playing a Telecaster at the time, and I convinced him to try my Les Paul, which he wanted to buy. So I brought it to this session he was doing, and he immediately started using it. That turned out to be the Fresh Cream album. So then I wound up with the Telecaster, which I played all through the Police and still use today. We were all playing variations on Black American music, and we’d jam with each other all the time at this club called the Flamingo, in London, which became the matrix for the whole British guitar scene at the time. I’d share a bill with Eric, Jeff Beck would come and go, Jimmy Page would drop in. That’s where it all started…”

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